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andrakis75 Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like your gallery. Really stunning images. Belated happy Birthday! :-)
RainfeatherPearl Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015   Digital Artist
Thanks so much! :hug:
3DCGMODELER Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Awesome images and art work.. wow the lighting really gives them the depth..

RainfeatherPearl Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015   Digital Artist
Hey, thanks very much! :blowkiss:
eaeolian Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
Danfishboy pushed me your way - very nice work in this style, for sure.
RainfeatherPearl Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015   Digital Artist
Thanks very much! My regards to Dan :)
aly-naith Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014
i'm really impressed by your gallery :) amazing work!
Alageus Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Your work is really great. I'm an amateur fantasy writer, and your pictures are a real source of inspiration for me. Just browsing your gallery stimulates my brain, and I can almost see scenes where your characters are acting as heroes. Really, your work is great, and anybody can feel how much investment and time you spent for them.
Please never stop your creation, they are too beautiful !
Yagh Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
I like your Gallery. It's simply beautiful!
youngnightblade Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I enjoyed your gallery
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